What £1 Million Buys Around The World

The infamous lotto win. What on earth would I do with it? Travel for sure, that goes without saying! But then maybe invest in a few 2nd homes as well? I quite often sit and look at what £1 Million buys around the world.  In some places I could live like a Movie Star, in others maybe just an extra from Eastenders!

What £1 Million Buys Around The World

We’ll start in France, as all good romantic tales do. For £1 million (approx €1.2million) we could secure ourselves a 17th century chateaux. Boasting, on average, an impressive 8 bedrooms, there would be plenty of room to take all our friends away with us for the mother of all house parties.

For winter there is nothing we need more than a Ski Lodge. A 3-bedroom chalet in upmarket Verbier  averages at around £1 million or if we fancy making our budget go a little further, and setting up a size hustle on the size, £1million would secure a whole block of apartments at the bottom of the gondola lift in in Borovets, Bulgaria.

Next up on my search of what £1 Million buys around the world I thought I’d take a look at city apartments. Manhattan, my city pad destination of choice, is a tough market. £1million ($1.35million dollars) would only really stretch to a 1-bed if I wanted to have any chance of securing river views.  Looks like we’d need to invest in a sofa bed if we are going to be traveling as a family!

Finally a beach front property would complete the set! Both Miami and Santa Monica (my dream locations) aren’t budget friendly. £1million would get you, at best, a 2-bedroom beachfront condo – however if you move into the LA hills you could snap up a 4-bedroom Spanish inspired villa, complete with two pools, for just over $1.3million dollars.

Times have moved on from the days of having one chance to win this £1million dream during the Saturday lottery draw.  You now have EuroMillions, Powerball and Irish Lottery to name but a few, plus with online entry also available through Lottoland these days taking part is easier than ever.

I know it’s easy to get carried away with daydreams like these – but they really are great for getting us through the cold winter nights here in the UK don’t you think?! Where would you buy a property if you won £1million? Sun, Sea or City?


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