5 best activities to do on a river cruise

River cruising offers a unique opportunity to experience a new destination. And, while the main attraction of a river cruise is often the excursions and cities you visit, there’s still plenty to keep you occupied when you’re onboard. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best activities to enjoy while on a river cruise.

Enjoy your food

Eating and drinking is one of the best parts of any holiday – being away from home gives you an excuse to treat yourself and splash out. The majority of river cruise liners offer an all-inclusive food and drink package, so use it to your advantage – stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new is one of the best ways of getting involved on your travels.

What’s more, many operators plan themed nights to prepare you for your next destination, so check your itinerary and see whether you’ll need a particular outfit for your meals.

Watch the sunset

If you’re looking for a way to round off a perfect day on your river cruising holiday, grab a drink and head to the deck to take in the sunset. Sure, you’ll have experienced a sunset or two before, but there’s something special about witnessing it from your boat and taking in everything that nature has to offer. If you’ve got your camera to hand, take some snaps, or just spend time with your loved one and reflect on your holiday so far.

Socialise with the other guests

When it comes to river cruising, it pays to socialise. Very few river cruising ships have room service and, because dining room tables seat four, six or eight, the chances are that you’ll be sitting with other passengers. Take the time out to ask your fellow travellers how they’re finding their trip, ask for their advice, and perhaps arrange to meet up on an excursion.

Although river cruising is traditionally more relaxed than ocean cruising, sure you’re well aware of river cruising etiquette so that you’re always dressed for the appropriate occasion – the last thing you want to do is turn up for an event, only to stand out like a sore thumb!

Spend time with the crew

On a river cruise, you’re likely to see your captain and crew on a daily basis – both in the wheelhouse and in the dining room. Because of the officers’ proximity, river cruising is more personal than ocean cruising and allows you to connect with everybody on board. Try to spend some time with the captain to ask any burning questions you may have about your journey, and speak with the crew if you’re looking for a personalised and attentive service.

Take it easy

Although river cruising holidays are packed with day trips and excursions, time onboard is all about relaxing and spending time with your loved ones. When you choose to travel with a tour operator such as Imagine Cruising Australia, transport and transfers are included, so you can sit back and relax – there’s no need to worry about organising your activities.

There you have it – five of the best things to do on a river cruise. Remember to pack a book, prepare for all weathers and take it easy. You deserve it.


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