Camp Bestival Best Bits 2016

Falling on the first weekend of August (that also just so happens to be Mr L’s birthday weekend) Camp Bestival has become somewhat of an annual family tradition for us here at Project: Wanderlust.

After finding Camp Bestival 2015 far too busy and crowded we did question whether or not we would return for 2016. I’m so glad that we did though, as the team behind this great family festival really addressed the issue of its rising popularity well and created much more space for everybody to enjoy themselves this year.

Camp Bestival Best Bits 2016

With this years Outer Space theme a roaring success (who doesn’t love giant astronauts, space camp and random aliens walking around the place) I thought it was about time I put together my annual Camp Bestival Best Bits 2016 post to share all that we adored during the festival this year.

Kids Folk Idol

Held throughout the weekend in the Big Top, we stumbled across Folk Idol on Saturday by chance as we headed inside to escape the sun for a bit.  Between the hilariously dry wit of the host to the amazing talent and bravery of the kids that got up on stage to sing this was on of my favourite ‘accidentally great’ moments of my weekend


The Blue Coats

This crazy gang have the festival rocking all weekend with their unique humour and mass participation games.  In keeping with the Space theme, this year saw Lottie take part in a game of real life Space invaders at the Blue Coats stage, one of her Camp Bestival 2016 best bits for sure.


First Choice Holiday Island

New for Camp Bestival 2016, and one of the ways in which I felt the festival had improved to accommodate its growing numbers, was this little gem.  The First Choice Holiday Island, complete with a beach to dance on the doubled up as a giant sand-pit for the children, was a simply genius idea.  We visited daily, and although Lottie missed out on the chance to sing on stage this year she is already planning her karaoke number for Camp Bestival 2017.


Dick and Dom

Up until this year we have always got up early on the Saturday and made our way over to the main stage for Mr Tumble’s iconic Camp Bestival set – however this year I was starkly reminded just how quickly my girls are growing up when then asked if we could forgo this family tradition and come back later to see Dick and Dom instead.

FullSizeRender 4

My upset was short lived though when I remembered just how funny these two guys are. Having not watched them since they used to nurse me through my teenage hangovers on Saturday morning TV I was pleasantly surprised that they could still create laugh out loud moments on stage.  Them getting the whole crowd singing ‘Always look on the bright side of life’ was a weekend highlight for me.


The Food! This is one of our favourite parts of the weekend, and lived up to our fond memories, so had to make it onto our Camp Bestival Best Bits 2016 list.

Camp Bestival has food nailed! From the reasonable priced WI tent to the wonderful emerging foodies selling their wares at the Feast Collective – there is something for everyone here.  How anyone can create such tasty delights using just a pop up kitchen, diesel generators and pure skill is beyond me – but thankfully they can!


Other Camp Bestival best bits 2016 were the Dingly Del, Lizzies Way, National Trust 50 Things and, of course, the wonderful company of The B Man and The L Girl as our camping buddies! Cannot wait to do it all again next year!


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  1. I’ve never really been to a festival as a family – and have wondered if I would enjoy Camp Bestival. Your post is starting to make me think otherwise. Looks so much fun! Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

  2. Camp Bestival always looks like such a fab weekend for the kids to experience, they really do balance out the family side of things with the music too. I love the real life space invaders game, I bet it was hilarious to watch them walking up and down dressed up like that! It’s great that your experience this year was a lot better than the previous year and the theme they used was fab, I wonder what next years will be?

    Thanks for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

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