Our Visit To Carnewas at Bedruthan Cornwall

As part of Lottie’s Fruit Shoot Mini Mudder Adventure Squad training she was set the challenge of climbing ‘mount mud’ – so when we discovered how close we were to Carnewas at Bedruthan while at Watergate Bay last week we decided to put our National Trust memberships to good use and giver her a training session she wouldn’t forget!

Carnewas at Bedruthan, Cornwall

Located on the drive between Watergate Bay and Padsow is the small village of Bedruthan.  As with all towns and villages along this stretch of the Cornish coastline, Bedruthan has something rather spectacular to offer the world; breathtaking, life-stopping views!

Thanks to my mother’s generous Christmas gift of a family National Trust membership we were able to make use of the free parking at the top of the cliffs, before heading over to the coastal path to look for a ‘mountain’ to climb.


Lottie was straight off (funnily enough she said the best bit was the first half of the walk – the downhill part) where as Little O took a little more persuading that it was actually safe to be walking this close to the edge!

Carnewas at Bedruthan

The footpaths at Carnewas at Bedruthan are well maintained and the more drastic drops are protected by wooden fences – however this walk is certainly one for families who are happy in the knowledge their children will listen carefully to instructions and safety guidelines.

Once we had walked downhill to the far point of the first bay we decide it was probably best to turn around and head back uphill to the car before we made the return leg any harder on ourselves (plus we could hear bellies rumbling by now and the fresh fish of Padstow was calling our names).

Heading uphill in wellies on an uneven path is always great fun (not) but Lottie and I kept our spirits up by pretending we were making a Bear Grylls style TV show as we went along (best thing about having children is they give you a legitimate reason to act like a goofball in public). The look on her face as we made it back up the cliff path to our car, full of pride and surprise, was well worth the blisters anyway.

Carnewas at Bedruthan

Even without National Trust memberships, the parking charges at Carnewas at Bedruthan are minimal.  There is also a visitor centre, toilets, small gift shop and tea room here so you could certainly make a half-day of it at Carnewas at Bedruthan if you so wished. We will be back again for sure.

More information on opening hours and parking charges can be found on the National Trust website.

Carnewas at Bedruthan#SundayStars




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  1. Oh the views – just stunning!! I am long overdue a return visit to Cornwall – it is just so beautiful! And lunch always tastes so much better when you have earned it climbing hills I find!

  2. I haven’t actually ever been to cornwall but now I really want to go! Must plan a little trip as this sounds great! Those pictures are beautiful!

  3. We get a National Trust Membership every year as they are so worthwhile. Looks like a fabulous walk, we have similar ones locally and my heart is often in my mouth as the kids peer over the edge

  4. Bedruthan really does have some spectacular views along it’s walk, you definitely picked the right day to go with such beautiful weather! It’s great training too, very steep and bumpy paths are fab for building up muscle! It’s great that you managed to stay motivated with your imaginations, kids really do open a world of madness you’re allowed to do in public! Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids

  5. Hi Alice, as a child we used to go down to Cornwall a lot, but I can’t ever remember going to Bedruthan. The views are stunning.

    Getting a National Trust family membership for Christmas sounds like the perfect family gift.


  6. What beautiful pictures. I haven’t been to Cornwall since I was a child. We live up north so it is a long way but we have said we would like to visit in the next couple of years now that the twins are older. It looks a lovely place to visit. Hope you have a good week x #MyCapturedMoment

  7. When the weather is this beautiful, Cornwall has to be one of the most stunning places on earth. These pictures are just amazing. Hope you enjoyed the Padstow fish and chips… yumm!
    Thank you so much for sharing these shots with #MyCapturedMoment xx

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