Celebrating Friendship With Hewlett Packard

After being away for 5 weeks at the start of the summer I had been craving quality time with my besties ever since the plane touched down at Heathrow  on our return.

I don’t have many friends – and before everyone feels dreadfully sad for me please don’t, I’m perfectly fine with it.  While the numbers of my ‘real-friends’ can almost be counted on one hand, those friends are the type you would trust your life with.  I’ve never been great with big groups really, too much of a breeding ground for back-stabbing, bitching and bullying for me. But with those handful of people I truly click with, its like I found another piece of me walking around outside of my body.

While I was still in America I had an email pop into my inbox that gave my homesickness a little kick and set the wheels in motion for a night I’ll remember for a very long time!

Celebrating Friendship With Hewlett Packard

To spread the word about their great new initiative, launched in April 2016, that gives you a free month of Instant Ink service for every friend you refer to HP, Hewlett Packard asked me to host a party to celebrate those friends that are special to me.

Celebrating Friendship With Hewlett Packard

With the #HPreferafriend scheme HP will give you both a free month of the HP Instant Ink service, designed to help you save on time and money through a groundbreaking ink replacement service that delivers HP Original Ink straight to your door before you even realise you need it, each time a new person signs up using your personalised referral code.
There are three monthly plans available to fit your printing needs: £1.99 per month for occasional printing (50 pages per month), £3.49 per month for moderate printing (100 pages per month) and £7.99 per month for frequent printing (300 pages per month). And whats more it doesn’t matter whether you choose to print in colour, black & white, or photos – it all costs the same!

Celebrating Friendship With Hewlett Packard – Party Time!

When it’s the August 9th and you haven’t all been together in the same room since early June there is sure to be fun on the horizon.

We already meet once a month for our ‘Cook Club’ (it was decided eating was more fun the reading) but, this time, instead of our usual homemade vegan delights we were greeted with a fabulous vegan/veggie food delivery from Waitrose, manicures from Honey Bee Therapy and loads of ink/colour related tasks organised by HP.

Celebrating Friendship With Hewlett Packard

While some tasks didn’t capture everyones attention, there was one active that we all got involved with. Cocktail making!

Split into two teams, we each had to make a Cosmopolitan using a different set of ingredients (one team with budget ingredients and one team with premium) before putting them to a blind taste test to see if we could tell the different.

Celebrating Friendship With Hewlett Packard

If I’m honest with you, this is the point at which my memory of the evening gets a little hazy! The next few hours passed in a blur of laughter, confessions and one too many mentions of Mooncups – just another radon evening in the history of #VeganCookClub.

So yeah, I don’t have many friends – but the ones I have are all kinds of awesome!

Celebrating Friendship With Hewlett Packard

If you wish to sign up for HP Instant Ink then feel free to use my referral code and we’ll both get a month for free  – http://try.hpinstantink.com/fbwGT

Thanks for HP to treating us so such as wonderful evening – we had so much fun celebrating friendship with Hewlett Packard- all views as always are my own.



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  1. Aw this is lovely Alice and I am similar to be honest, I have lots of friends I see on a social level and a couple of friends I can count on but not lots. I have my little family and that is all I need really, I have never been one of these people who needs serious girlfriends if that makes sense? It looks like a great night. xx

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