Charity Walk For Peace 2017

I make no secret of my desire to move back to London.

The sound, the buzz, the buildings, the people…. London is the one place I feel truly at home.

While the part of Essex we are in now provides us with a wonderful place to raise a family (think great schools, open spaces and a John Lewis), there is something about living here that has never felt quite ‘right’.

Over the past year, maybe it started pre-Brexit – but it had certainly been more palpable since then, there has a been a rise in the casual racism of, sadly, many local people.  Those throw away comments about why they couldn’t get a doctor’s appointment, the questioning of why those of a different faith are teaching at the church school my daughters attend, the fear with which view people with whom a background or religion they do not share.

Yet what I find even worse than this regressive attitude, is the sheer lack of desire to educate themselves and change.

They saw it in a newspaper so it must be true.

It not everybody – it’s a minority…. but it’s that minority that are shouting the loudest.

That what I dislike about raising my family here. I wish for them to be surrounded by diversity, culture and, ultimately, love.

Walk For Peace 2017

Charity Walk For Peace 2017

Last weekend we attended Walk For Peace 2017 (raising money for Kids Inspire). The event, now in its 32nd year, the walk raises funds for various UK charities as part of its drive to engage its members to serve humanity. This year’s walk was also part of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK’s nationwide ‘United Against Extremism’ campaign that seeks to bring people together to show solidarity against extremism and to promote peace.

Mr Rafiq Hayat, National President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK, welcomed everyone with wonderful words

“…the name of our beautiful faith, which preaches peace and harmony, is being tainted by the twisted views of a few amongst Muslims. Events like today help to redress the balance.”

To see people of all ages, races and religions standing together, shoulder to shoulder, ready to raise thousands for over 80 different charities was fantastic. It was truly humbling to a part of that almost 6000 large crowd, and to being doing it alongside my little family made it all the more special.

If you ever get the chance to attend Walk For Peace with friends or family, then take it – I have never been somewhere so vibrant and full of love for the human race than on that sunny London dockside last Sunday.


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