Planning A Family Holiday To Australia

People, I want a family holiday to Australia!

I’m putting it out there and blaming Kat from Cool Bananas blog for this! Because ever since she made the move down under in 2016 I have been planning a family holiday to Australia based on the beaches featured in her IG stories!

I make no secret of the fact that I was born to live in a sunnier climate than the one I find myself surrounded by here in the UK – but the idea of visiting Australia for that sunshine had never much appealed to me before now.

It would be a once in a lifetime trip for us – so I would therefore want to make sure we dedicate ay least a month to it, and ensure we have got all the tips for planning a family holiday to Australia we possibly could.

Planning A Family Holiday To Australia

Best Time Of The Year To Visit

I have been told that the best time to book our tickets is around five months before we are planning to leave, as this can save us up to 50% in price than booking a last minute fare. Plus the cheapest month to travel is in Jan…which is a perfect chance to escape the post Christmas blues if you ask me!

Make The Most Of Your Stopovers

It would be a tough choice – but I think it would Singapore and Hong Kong for a stopover for us. I love the idea of adding a city break to our travels on the way out. Other good choices are Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Places To Visit

Where to even start on this one! Top 10 on my list when planning a family holiday to Australia are;

  1. Sailing the Whitsunday Islands
  2. Diving at the Great Barrier Reef
  3. Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  4. Relaxing on Fraser Island
  5. Driving the Great Ocean Road in Victoria
  6. Exploring the vineyards in Western Australia
  7. Learning to Surf on Bondi Beach
  8. Visiting Alice Springs
  9. Watching cricket MCG in Melboune
  10. Watching the sunset at Daydream Island

Plus I’ve just found out that Qantas operates non-stop to Perth (17 hours – oh my!) – I better start saving for our family holiday to Australia ASAP

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