Family Skiing With Madame Vacances

We have just returned from our first taste of family skiing with Madame Vacances – read on to find out how it went!

There was a time when skiing meant getting the first lift up the mountain each morning and drinking until the last beer was served each night. I have many hazy memories of weeks filled with fresh air, adrenaline rushes and cute guys on snowboards all tucked away in my mind that box marked ‘BC’ (before children), but I finally felt the time was right to add some snowy memories into the ‘post children’ box too.

Would skiing ever be as good though with children in tow though?

The start of a family marks the end of adventure right?


Family Skiing With Madame Vacances

Racing down that black-ice covered red run during a white-out so we didn’t miss ski school collection time was probably the most adrenaline-filled skiing I have ever experienced! and the buckaroo-esq challenge of 2 adults carrying four sets of skis while trying to convince two small children the boots on their feet that weigh more than they do are able to be walked in at a pace faster than a funeral march was certainly an adventure!

Skiing as a family wasn’t without its challenges, but would I do it again? Yes, a thousand times overs.

It’s the little touches that make the difference on a holiday like this; the free in resort minibus service offer to guests skiing with Madame Vacances for example or the onsite ski hire shop at our hotel that made all the difference. My only stipulation of ski accommodation pre children was affordability, now I have a carefully planned formula in place when choosing a ski resort that Isaac Newton would be proud of.

Family Skiing With Madame Vacances In Les Deux Alpes

This first foray into family skiing of ours was set to the stunning backdrop of the French Alps. The resort was large compared to those I had visited before, but with that came choice – the one thing all families need to for a successful holiday.

Ski resorts, by the nature of their surrounding, tend to come with a 2/3 hours transfer time from the nearest airport.  We were collected from Grenoble by a Madame Vacances driver (available to all guests booking with MV) and driven direct to our hotel.  Knowing this transfer was pre arranged, and having the joy of a driver that will talk to you throughout the journey with lots of local info and interest was worth its weight in gold.

Les Deux Alpes offers a plethora of runs suitable from beginners to advanced skiers, and a network of free busses to allow easy moment around both the town and the ski lifts – again something worth looking for when booking as a family.


As this holiday was only for 5 days we were unable to prebook ski-school in advance from the UK (most ski schools only take bookings for the 6/7 day courses) however on arrival in resort we headed straight to the Ecole du ski Francias office and were able to book the girls in for 3 afternoon lessons starting that day. Giving top tips for picking a ski school is a tricky one as every family has different needs, but going for a reputable company and checking the instructors are able to speak the language of your child is a good place to start.  Both girls were the only only English speaking children in their classes (we went during UK term time) however all instructors spoke fluent English and were extremely welcoming.

Family skiing

By our final day both girls were pros.  Lottie surpassed all our exceptions and was skiing green runs with us (while navigating the button lift solo) and has requested full-day ski school next time so she can learn as much as possible. Little O was a slightly more reluctant skier, “its a lotting of going up and down” was her main complaint – but since returning to the UK she has asked to go skiing again around 50 times a day, so I think its safe to say she has been bitten by the bug too.


The experience was different to that of ski holidays gone by, although we did manage one apres-ski session (during which Little O asked of she was able to dance on the bar #ThatsMyGirl), but I honestly would’t have changed our family skiing with Madame Vacances for the world.

Heres to a brand new box of ski memories ready to be made!

We were invited as guests for our family skiing with Madame Vacances – all views remain our own.



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  1. Fab photos and sounds like an amazing holiday! My husband is keen for us to go skiing but with four kids (3 under 3) I’m thinking we should wait a few more years yet!!

  2. It looks like an amazing holiday. I am desperate to take mine skiing and Eliza and Isaac picked it up really quickly on a recent visit to a snow centre. I think once Sebby is 3 he can ski too, so hopefully this will be us next year.

  3. I really wish I could ski. It’s something that I have never got round to doing and now I think I’m a little to cautious for these things. It looks like such a great family experience though

  4. What an amazing opportunity you had getting to go on a ski holiday. I’ve never been skiing but would love to do it one day when my children are older 🙂

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