Getting Creative In The Kitchen With Hobbycraft

I’m really not the mum who is known for crafting with her kids. Taking them to see the world, yes – baking cakes and making pom-poms, not so much!

That said, spending time together at home as a family is highly important to us. We may love our travels – but home is where the heart is, and this is where our ‘forever memories’ are truly made.

When Hobbycraft asked if we fancied getting creative in the kitchen and trying out their amazing Galaxy doughnut recipe to celebrate the opening of their new Hobbycraft store in Epping Forest, we jumped at the chance to all get cooking together at home.

The girls didn’t need any convincing to get stuck in, and were fantastic little helpers when it came to the weighing and measuring of the ingredients we needed. I adore seeing them in the kitchen, laughing and joking together over a bowl of cake mixture, it fills me with such warmth and love – certainly memories to cherish.

Getting Creative In The Kitchen With Hobbycraft

The recipe was simple to follow (there are loads of great baking ideas on the Hobbycraft blog) and once, after over-filling the doughnut tray for the first batch which resulted in some hilariously looking half fairy cake/half ring doughnut concoction, we got the dollop level correct we were good to go.

I think baking as a family is such a wonderful way to bond. Not only is it great fun (who doesn’t love a friendly family bicker over who gets to lick the bowl?) it is also highly educational with reading, maths and life skills taking place. It’s a win/win situation.

Once the doughnuts had cooled, it was time to get creative with the icing. Both girls were in awe of how cool the finished marbled effect looked, and even though our final creation left a lot to be desired when it comes to Pinterest perfection aesthetics –the taste, thankfully, did not!

After all that hard work in the kitchen it was time for a hot chocolate and family movie time, accompanied by a plate a mini Galaxy Glazed doughnuts of course!

The girls were so proud of their creations – and really enjoyed the process of making them – I have made it our mission to do things like this more often.

I may never be one of those mothers that have a brimming craft drawer, who can whip up a batch of warm cinnamon cookies at the drop of a hat, but thanks to Hobbycraft I am certainly one step closer!

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