Getting Over The Holiday Blues With HomeSense

You know you’re getting old when the news of a new HomeSense store on your doorstep can brighten up a rather gloomy day (and prompt you to ring your mother to tell her the good news too)! But thats just what happened when I got the rather lovely email inviting me to a preview of the new HomeSense Chelmsford store that opens this month.

The store, situated in the Riverside retail park, is just what I needed to help me get over my post traveling blues. In a bid to cheer myself up, and embrace being back in the UK, I have decided to add a little of my traveling passion into the decor of my home.

While I appreciate the best way to incorporate a love of travel into your home is to bring back items from the places you actually visit, in a world of mini-breaks and hand-luggage only traveling that course of action is not always possible, so that why I think my ‘getting over the holiday blues with HomeSense’ plan is a genius one.

Getting Over The Holiday Blues With HomeSense

There are some simple methods I swear by when getting over the holiday blues – and thanks to my recent trip to HomeSense I’m all set to put them into action once again.

1. Drink Lots Of Water

First up you need to get over your jet lag and dehydrate/detox from the excess of your travels.

I’m not always the best when it comes to ensuring I have my required amount of water each day, so I picked up a great water bottle to take out and about with me to encourage myself to drink more.

2. Get Outside

Fresh air, vitamin D and the natural endorphins released when being active are all great for getting over the holiday blues.

I tend to make sure I get outside and go for a walk each day for the first couple of weeks I’m home, just to keep myself relaxed and avoid the trap of getting back into the old work habits I promised myself I’d break while on holiday.

3. Look After Your Body

Eating well and ensuring your body is full of those all important nutrients is essential when getting over the holiday blues.


To aid my quest to get healthy and feed my body the daily goodness it needs I hit the HomeSense Chelmsford Le Creuset section pretty hard (hello prices over 50% rrp)

4. Make One Positive Lifestyle Change

We all know the drill, you make yourself all kinds of promises while traveling on how life will be different when you get home, and then within a week the old ways come creeping back in.

I made a promise to myself while traveling in America that I would be more organised on my return and, especially as Little O is starting school this September, that I would increased my work-load/client portfolio over the next 12 months.  As all good freelancers know the best way in which to achieve this goal is clearly to buy a new notepad and set of pens! I think the HomeSense Chelmsford stationary department will become my second home before long.


5. Add Your Love Travel Into Your Everyday
From a magnet on the fridge to an original piece of artwork from the country you visited, having feel-good  of your travels at home is good for the soul.mementoIMG_2642

My current project is creating a beach-hut like feel to the family bathroom – I found some great room accessories in HomeSense for this too. I will be heading back next week too as the stock changes quite often, so you never know what treasures you may uncover each time!

Getting Over The Holiday Blues

Thanks to HomeSense Chelmsford for inviting me along and helping to get me over the holidays blues – I can’t wait to come see you again.



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