Growing Older Is A Privilege

People often ask why, as a grown-up, I still celebrate my birthday so excitedly every year. And my answer is simply this;

Because I can.

Growing older is a privilege – and something not everyone gets the honour of doing.

As I’ve made my way along the path of life for the past 32 years I’ve lost friends and loved ones along the way. I stood at funerals of friends the same age as me, unable to understand how your life can be over before it’s really had the chance to begin?

To never have the chance to say ‘I Do’, to never hold your firstborn in your arms – just the thought of it is enough to bring me to tears

So each year that I get to add a digit to my age I am thankful.

Each wrinkle on face or grey hair on my head is another day I’ve lived.

Growing Older Is A Privilege

The last weekend of being 31 was spent surrounded by friends.  We had a BBQ and Eurovision party. Ate, drank and got very merry!

My cake, a fantastic travel themed globe cake creation from my new client Parteaz, was a show stopper (and the most moist, chocolatey cake I’ve never tasted).

I laughed so much face hurt.


Growing Older Is A Privilege

Today I will spend my birthday doing what I love best. Eating, laughing and seeing my favourite people.

But with each mouthful of cake and sip of champagne I’ll remember those who haven’t turned 32 with me.

Growing older is a privilege – embrace it, enjoy it, treasure it. We are the lucky ones.


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  1. Happy Birthday! I love this post, i turn 38 in July and i always dread it as its another step closer to 40! But i think this year will now be different! 🙂

  2. That cake is amazing. I don’t tend to celebrate my birthday as I have 3 of my kids birthday in June too, one the day before and one two days after

  3. I always think this. Even at 27, I know some people who haven’t reached this age so it makes me thankful that I’ve had the chance to fill another year with experiences and memories. Yes, we’re all getting older but we’re alive and that is definitely something to celebrate no matter what age we are! Happy birthday to you and I hope you have a wonderful year!

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