A Weekend In Ibiza On A Budget With cheapflights.co.uk

Back at the start of the summer cheapflights.co.uk challenged me to see how far £500 would go on a weekend for two in Ibiza on a budget during August.

Ibiza On A Budget With cheapflights.co.uk

Now being the height of the summer season, and being Ibiza, I wasn’t event really holding out much hope of finding flights within my budget, let alone a place to stay. However, not one to shy away from a challenge, I thought I’d give it a go and see how far I could get my money to stretch.


We used the flight comparison tool on the cheap flights website with ease. It gave us the option to compare flights from the hundreds of travel providers they with partner with, giving us a really simple way of finding the best deal.

I hadn’t used them before (I tend to just book direct with BA or EasyJet dependant on how flush I’m feeling), however I was actually so impressed with this flight search malarky that I’ve used them again since to book our skiing flights for next February.


We opted to stay in San Antonino Bay so that we could get to sunset strip nice and easy for drinks at Cafe Mambo, while being far enough away from the West End that we could get some sleep and have a relaxing time during the day.

Once again using the comparison tool on cheapflights.co.uk we were able to find a hotel that suited our needs for an affordable price.

A Weekend In Ibiza On A Budget

Getting Around

To get our ‘Ibiza on a Budget’ weekend off to a flying start we decided to take the bus from the airport to our hotel.  This was not only a saving of about €30 each way, it was actually extremely straight forward and a great way to see more of the island.

In addition to walking around the resort we also made use of the water taxi service around the bay. A return to trip to central San Antonio from the other side of the bay is just €6.

Things To Do 

When planning a weekend in Ibiza on a budget, finding free things to do is normally one of the biggest stumbling block. People assume that everything is expensive, when in reality (unless you are going to the nightclubs) it’s really not.

Cala Conta

We spent the first day chilling round the pool, day two was spend with a picnic in Cala Conta and our last day was a mixture of beach and pool time before watching the sunset on the beach in-front of Cafe Mamba with a €1 beer from the supermarket!

Food and Drink

On our first night we found a friendly little restaurant near our hotel that made one of the best Tomato and Mozzarella salads I have had in a very long time  – super fresh, and super reasonable!

Our second night was spent at The Skinny Kitchen, which was a little overpriced from the quality of the food – however they totally redeemed themselves with a ridiculously delicious juice menu!

For our final evening we chose to drink beers on the beach in front of Cafe Mambo while watching sunset (saving about €8 per drink on the bar prices – but still getting to hear the tunes) before grabbing a quick burger at K Vida en route to the airport.

The rest of our food was from the supermarket. Thanks to booking a self catering apartment we were able to cook breakfast ourselves, take snacks out during the day (I don’t eat much during the day in hot weather) and then keep beers cool in the fridge for a drink while getting ready to go out.

A Weekend In Ibiza On A Budget – Total spend (per couple)

Flights: £196 (flying with EasyJet, hand baggage only)

Hotel: £281 (Player Bella Apartments, Ibiza)

Bus: £15

Water Taxis: £48

Spending Money (covering food and drinks): £150

Total: £690 (£345 per person for 3 days/2 nights)

A Weekend In Ibiza On A Budget was produced in partnership with cheapflights.co.uk – all views however are my own.


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