Is Disneyworld Florida Really THAT Magical?

Looking through Netflights list of real life Fairy-tale destinations got me thinking about what makes a holiday magical?

For me it’s having time away from real life, with my time devoted totally towards the ones I love. For Mr L its’ seeing the girls learn and grow before his eyes. As for the children, it’s pretty much anywhere we take them – they simply drink in everything when we are away, loving every new experiences our travels throw their way.

Right now they are fixated on a visit to Disneyworld Florida. They have a huge love for America in general – but after watching endless Disney vlogs on YouTube, and a visit to Legoland in California showing them how much better the USA ‘do’ theme parks compered to the UK, they are sold on the fact that Florida MUST be the destination of our next transatlantic jaunt.

But is Disneyworld Florida really THAT magical?? Is it really as special as it is made out to be? Ummmm….in a word, YES!

Is Disneyworld Florida really THAT magical?

Let’s investigate…

Magical Food

Mickey waffles, Mickey pretzels, Mickey ice-cream sandwiches! It’s totally cheesy….but I love it. That’s pretty much my answer when anyone is Disneyworld Florida really THAT magical? Stepping inside Disney is like entering a different world. I totally recommend checking our Mummy Daddy Me’s post on the amazingly themed food at Disneyworld.

Magical Fireworks

One of my favourite memories of Disney as a teenager is sitting with my step-brothers watching the fireworks fill the warm night sky while we ate our bodyweight in nachos and ice-cream.

For them, as they were living in Florida at the time, this was a pretty regular experience – but for me, this was the definition of living my best life!

Magical Main St

The glue that holds Disneyworld together – Main St is the most iconic area of the Disney parks. Running from the entrance, all the way up to Cinderella’s Castle….it has been the cause for more squeals of delight and tears of happiness than you could ever imagine.

Magical Rides

The rides at Disneyworld aren’t just rides – they are total immersive experiences! I tell the story of my first experience of Tower of Terror again and again – it was like nothing I had ever known before.

Now while that ride may have dated, and so much more has been added to the parks since that sunny day of August 1997, seeing the view as those doors opened is something I’ll never forget. It really is the happiest place on Earth!

So Is Disneyworld Florida really THAT magical?

Can I get a…HELL YEAH!

Is Disneyworld Florida really THAT magical? is a partnered post. All views are my own.



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