Project: Wanderlust London Bucket List 2017

Our capital city is so over-spilling with wondrous activities to discover that is hard to comprehend how you will ever discover all there is to see here. My London bucket 2017 list is a way of trying to overcome this.

This list is but no means exhaustive of all the things I wish to see in London during my lifetime, however it is a good place to start for the summer ahead.

2016 London bucket list

London Bucket List 2017

Seeing Tower Bridge Open

First up on my London bucket list 21017 is seeing Tower Bridge open. In all of my 33 years I have never witnessed this, and I feel like I’m missing out . I’ve recently found out they list the times each day the bridge will be opening so now I have no excuse.

Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea At The Sanderson Hotel

This looks AMAZING, and perfect for a girl named Alice. There is something so wonderful about any form of afternoon tea, but one with an Alice in Wonderland theme afternoon tea cannot be missed.


Watching The Sun Rise From Parliament Hill

After climbing the incredible 98 metres worth of hill, it is promise that you’ll be rewarded with one oc the most iconic views London’s skyline coming to life; St Paul’s, The Gherkin, as well as Canary Wharf. It would mean an early start, but that just means I have an excuse for a Big Smoke Sleepover in once of the the many fabulous SACO The Service Apartments Company range of London serviced apartments dotted around town.

Visit The Cutty Sark

Next up on my London bucket list 2017 is a visit to see the Cutty Sark. I haven’t been since a school trip in the early 90’s, and its changed a fair bit since then. The ship is such an iconic London landmark (I think anywhere that the London Marathon runs past is a true highlight of the city), plus I know the girls would love it too. One for the summer holidays.

Picnic in Hyde Park

Last, but by no means least, on my London bucket list 2017  is a picnic on Hyde Park. Hot sunny day, picnic by the water and then take a boat out on the Serpentine. What more is there to say.

What would be on your London bucket list?

SACO asked me for my opinion on the best things to do in London  – all views my own


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  1. Highly recommend the Alice in Wonderland tea – did that with some friends and our mums and it’s one of the nicest we’ve been too so far. Also get to Billy Elliott pronto. ?

  2. These are all great and I love the idea of resolutions of things you want to do rather than things you don’t. I was lucky enough to see the bridge open last time I was in the city; it was brilliant and well worth getting the timing right to see it yourself!

  3. What a fab list. We love London and have lots of things that we still want to do and see there. We are waiting till Mini is older as he wants to go up Big Ben!

    1. Apparently once your child is 11 you can write to your MP and get a guided tour of Big Ben (Home Ed friend of mine told me)

  4. We don’t visit London very often as it is quite a way away from London but I would love to do the Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea At The Sanderson Hotel with Emma, it sounds amazing!xx

  5. Oh I love the idea of the Mad Hatter afternoon tea, not been to the Sanderson for a long time mind! It’s funny you mentioning seeing tower bridge open, in 20 years in London I still haven’t seen that either. Billy Elliot is amazing, definitely go and see that – we loved it 🙂

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