Marsh Farm Father Christmas Experience Review Essex

The Marsh Farm Father Christmas Experience is now taking bookings for 2017 – here is how we found the experience in 2016.

Taking my children to see Father Christmas is something I look forward to all year. We only go once, so much time is spent researching the best place to visit, and its a whole day event at Wanderlust HQ.  One day we’ll arrive by Huskie sledge to see him in his own home, but until then it’s all about finding the best places closer to home.

As with most things ‘Christmas’ these days there is a hefty price tag involved (I found out today that Lapland UK would cost us over £300 just for tickets) so finding value for money is important.

Marsh Farm Father Christmas Experience Review

Marsh Farm’s Father Christmas Experience costs approx. £85 for a family of four. Written down that sounds a lot. I knew it would take a lot of convincing that it was worth my money.


The excitement on arrival, as the girls were handed their Elf Passports and asked to write in their name and Christmas wish list, was electric. This is the first year they are both fully immersed in Christmas magic, Little O really ‘gets it’ now, and it gives me butterflies just seeing their faces full of belief and wonder.  Their innocence brings tears to my eyes. How wonderful childhood can be.


After we had our passports it was time to see the elf show before heading over the the North Pole post office to see if we were on the nice list.  The shows at Marsh Farm are always great, with most of their staff trained children entertainers it’s hard to go wrong really, so this was a wonderful start to our adventure.



After here we were lead through winter wonderland, with lots of time for photos, before heading in to see Mummy Christmas for a spot of gingerbread decorating.



After we finished in Mrs Christmases kitchen it was time to see the big man in red.

He was lovely. So kind and patient with the girls. Instead of a gift he gave them a token to choose something from the toy workshop later on and then handed me a box of fudge (he clearly knew the way to my heart)!

Next up was the build-a-bear workshop where the girls could make a special Christmas teddy to take home. After choosing our bear and having him stuffed I was a little disappointed that the elves asked the children if they wanted a sound or outfit for him before asking the parents and explaining the additional costs. For a venue that prides itself on being a ‘one cost’ day out I felt this was a little underhand. However that said the girls loved stuffing the bear and were not that interested in an outfit anyway, and it was another added bonus to the day.

With two new bears in our arms we wandered over to Santa’s workshop to choose our toy and pick up a photo magnet (at an additional cost).  The girls loved the idea they could choose their own toy, and I was impressed with the selection they had.  Our whole experience had lasted 3 hours, and then we were free to enjoy Marsh farm as we pleased.

So was the Marsh Farm’s Father Christmas Experience  worth the money.

In a word, YES!

While I still believe that £85 is A LOT to spend on going to see Father Christmas the Marsh Farm’s Father Christmas Experience was so much more than just that.  We had three hours of fantastic entertainment, got to see Santa, took home a teddy bear and toy each (plus my fudge), decorated gingerbread men (and got to take them home for after dinner), played in the ‘snow’ and then had free run of the farm and it’s other attractions for the whole day.

You certainly get your moneys worth.

Marsh Farm are now taking bookings for this November and December – booking and more information can be found here.


Thanks to Marsh Farm Father Christmas Experience for a wonderful day!


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  1. This looks lovely! Yes, it is a lot of money, but honestly, what isn’t nowadays?
    We’e going on an old train to see Santa this year, it has cost us about £30 for two adults and a baby and this is a not for profit voluntary event!
    So long as the kids enjoy it, which it seems that yours did, it is all worthwhile 🙂


  2. It looks like a fantastic day your pictures are lovely. I don’t think we could spend that much while our two are so young but once they’re a few years older I think it’d be so worth it. It really adds to the effect of Christmas doesn’t it and like you im Christmas mad!! #tinseltuesday

  3. haha my mum complained about £4.50 at my daughter’s school!! Everything costs money but this looks AMAZING!! I love the punishable by death bit haha. I am a sinner too. Christmas excitement started in August this year.
    Thanks for linking up, Hope to see you this week. #TinselTuesdays

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