The Me And Mine Project: January

For the past two years I’ve watched on as The Me And Mine Project has gone from strength to strength whilst kicking myself every month for not getting more organised and taking part.

Well, with 2016 be the year of big adventures for us here at Project: Wanderlust, I thought is was about time I put my words into action and join the me and mine gang.

The Me And Mine Project January

I would love to say the I was extremely organised and has this me and mine photo planned for weeks however, just like my siblings photo from earlier in the month, it was a last-minute thing done yesterday as I suddenly realised today was the last day of the month!


I would also love to say that we are a picture perfect family that poses like that on cue, but for every one photo of us that looks great we have at least five that look something like this…

Me and Mine

This month has been a fairly quiet one after the hustle and bustle of Christmas. We’ve spent time at home together planning our USA road trip (and how best to save some extra pennies for when we are there), had a day out with friends at Marsh Farm and discovered an AMAZING adventure golf course which I will be telling you all about next week.

Next month is shaping up to have a fair few more¬†adventures ahead of us so I promise next month’s round-up will be a little more exciting…

….oh and that I’ll get more organised with my photo too!


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  1. Oh this is such a lovely photo Alice (and I have a big soft spot for your outtake too!) It’s so lovely to have you joining in this year, welcome! I promise you it gets quite addictive after a while, and perfectly planned or last minute you’ll love your collection of snaps by the end of the year. Not least because hopefully some of your exciting adventures will feature in them!

  2. I love the outtake the most, it made me laugh! And I will look forward to seeing your gorgeous family each month. Even though sometimes NONE of us can be bothered to take a photo, I really am so very glad that I started joining in with this project as I love that we have a family photo to treasure each month. PS I LOVE mini golf! x

  3. I think nearly all of mine have been last minute photos taken on the last few days of the month, I wouldn’t worry! It is such a fun thing to do though and really forces you to get those photos and they end up treasured xx

  4. Ha ha ha love the outtake shot, we always have so many outtake pictures when we’re attempting a family pic. I love the Me and Mine Project, we did last year and now have 12 (not all great) but special family shots. Thank you so much for joining #MyCapturedMoment xxx

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