The One With My Visit To FriendsFest 

Today I lived out a teenage dream.

For five day only (Wednesday, 16 – Sunday, 20 September), a full scale replica of Monica’s Apartment plus loads of memorabilia is on display at The Boiler House on Brick Lane as part of #FriendsFest – and I was there!

My Visit To friendsfest

I waited online for these tickets to release a few months back and, by some stroke of luck and divine intervention, managed to secure two tickets (they sold out within 11 minutes – madness)

Kate, my FRIENDS loving buddy, and I in Monica’s apartment. I’m so glad I asked her to come with me on my visit to FriendsFest.

FriendsFest   FriendsFest   

The slots were timed so it wasn’t busy, and there was hardly any queueing involved. And even in the two small queues we had (for the set and the sofa) there was so much to look at around us that the five or so minutes flew by.


I loved all the memorabilia, I actually let out a little squeal when I saw the copy of Sciene Boy, this was a FRIENDS lovers dream come true.  

Being able to walk through Monica’s apartment was by far the highlight – the photo ops were endless, and I loved all the little nods to episodes that were dotted around. 


From the Nestle Tollhouse recipe on the fridge to the answer phone message playing on the phone in the lounge, it was all so well thought out.


Everyone was so excited – you could see that this show left such an impact on our generation, I can’t think of a show before it or since that’s appeal has lasted so long or remained as current as FRIENDS, and the buzz was fantastic.

It was awesome to see everyone having so much fun with their photos…   

I haven’t stopped smiling since getting back from my visit to FriendsFest – it really will go down as a ‘I was there’ moment in life.

I’m one happy bunny!


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  1. While I read this post, there was a lot of squealing going on…I LOVE Friends! My fourteen year old self is desperate to go to #friendsfest. Watching an episode always cheers me up, no matter how many times I’ve seen it 🙂

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