A New Look Life In 2017

Life changed a lot for us here at Project: Wanderlust HQ last year – some changes were good, some were devastatingly heartbreaking.

But not to be one to dwell on the past too much, I decided that as life changed, my outlook and plans needed to change to. I love being freelance, being master of my own destiny and having ownership of my life – however with both girls now in full-time education, and our lives full of the structure that school runs and term dates bring, I decided that the possibility of heading back to work in-house somewhere in 2017 may be something I’d be interested in.

I had a strong set of job-related ‘musts’ that nonnegotiable though. Firstly I didn’t want to work more than 2 days a week during the school holidays, needed to be local as I didn’t want to be wasting my day traveling, the salary had to make up for the freelance work I’d be giving up and I wanted the flexibility to work from home and still attend assemblies and sports days whenever needed. My chances of finding the a job was slim!

But then the impossible happened; the perfect job offer landed on my lap.

So I said yes. And started November 1st.

New Year, New Job

Its been a juggle, and a sharp learning curve for us all, especially as I’ve kept on two other freelance gigs and have the blog to manage as well. But I’m loving it. I feel like I’ve found my spark again. I realised now that working with others, taking charge of projects and other staff, is something I really enjoy and thrive doing.

Plus, let just take a moment to talk about PAID LEAVE shall we?! I’ve been able to take Christmas off and be with my family, safe in the knowledge that I’ll still have money in January. It’s the first time in YEARS that I’ve fully switched off and genuinely been completely present in family life. There was no ‘just this quick email’ or ‘I’ve just got to upload this post’. It’s been liberating, and the girls have adored it.

It will mean that 2017 may look little different to what I had imagined at the start of 2016, but it’s exactly what I needed.

A new start.

A new job.

A new adventure.


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