On The Road With DisneyLife

Over the summer we were covering miles of driving some days on our USA Road Trip, and with 6 weeks on the road we encountered many different levels of hotels throughout our travels.  Having two children with us we knew that looking at ways to keep them entertained in the hotels, and while in the car on our driving days, was very important.  That is where DisneyLife came in!

Being on the road with DisneyLife really did make our travels run so much more smoothly. Long drives, early morning wakes ups and chill out afternoons at the hotel were all saved by being able to snuggle up and watch a Disney classic or two.

What Is  DisneyLife

DisneyLife is an online subscription service that enables users to watch Disney movies, Disney TV box sets, read Disney stories and listen to Disney albums through an app on compatible Apple and Android devices or via Airplay and Chromecast.

DisneyLife basically offers users the best of Disney all in one place.  Everything can be streamed or download in advance to enjoy on the move (perfect if you are traveling with kids) and once you are signed up you can add the app to up to 10 compatible devices from the one account.

Costing just £9.99 a month (less than the cost of one new Disney DVD or album) DisneyLife is a great family purchase for Disney lovers.  There is no contract so you can cancel at anytime, plus DisneyLife members receive 10% discount at The Disney Store.

On The Road With DisneyLife

The girls loved having such a plethora of Disney movies and TV shows to watch in the car when the got bored with yet another hour of open countryside rolling past the window, and having such a range of books to access from the app really did cut down the packing when it came to ensuring they had enough books to read for the 6 weeks we were travelling.

On the road with DisneyLife

We’ve used it lots since being back too, and I can see it being a godsend when the weather starts to turn and we have long winter days to contend with. For £9.99 a month I really do think DisneyLife is well worth the money.

We were given a 6 month free trial of DisneyLift for the purpose of this On The Road With DisneyLife review, however all views are my own.


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