Our USA Road Trip 2016 – IT’S BOOKED

It’s booked. Fours seats leaving London on June 20th heading for Orlando. The start of an adventure that will see us in America until August. Our USA Road Trip 2016 is really happening.

This is the trip of a life time.  We’ll take in 11 states and even have a few days in Canada. Miles and miles of driving, nights in motels we’ve never seen before and minimal luggage as everything we have has to fit in the boot, sorry truck, of our car.

I cannot explain how excited I am. I really struggle being a grown-up sometimes, having to put down roots and provide stability for my girls. Being a mother is something I am so proud of, and providing them with a stable life is my main goal, but in my heart I want us all on the road having adventures.

I dream of living somewhere new. Meeting new people, learning new things. Life is far to short to be spent in one place.

I am not materialistic. Our home is modest, as are our ways. Seeing the world, and sharing that experience with my wonderful little family, that is what I work and live for.

One of my favourite sayings is…

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 09.44.10

…so thats what we are doing. The extension can wait, as can turning the loft into a 4th bedroom, we have a road trip to plan for!

I’m sure I’ll be blogging my USA Road Trip 2016 planning, and asking for many, many tips and recommendations along the way. We have already booked up our hotels in Tennessee (staying in Chattanooga, Memphis and Nashville) so if anyone has been there please let me know your ‘must-do’ lists!

2016 is going to be a year to remember…and I cannot bloody wait!


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  1. Well done Alice! Sounds awesome and I know it’s something you’ve all wanted to do this for ages. Fabulous that it’s booked now! Have lots of fun planning! 🙂

  2. So exciting! I don’t have kids but I totally agree with you so well done for getting out there and seeing some more of the world 🙂

    I’m doing a USA road trip next year too – taking Mr Ayla on a surprise trip for his birthday and we’ll be visiting Vegas then roadtripping from San Fran down to LA. I’m super excited and our trip is only 2 weeks so you must be super excited right now!!

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