Packing For A Family Cruise – Hints & Tips

Family cruises are big business these days. Having a floating, all inclusive, resort to base yourself from and then getting to explore a different town or city each day is very appealing to many families. And with such great cruise deals on offer from more and more families are opting to book. If you are one of those families and are now planning your trip, here is a helpful list of things to remember when packing for a family cruise.

Packing For A Family Cruise – What Will You Need

Packing For A Family Cruise

Space For Souvenirs
When packing for a family cruise it is easy to get excited about not having any weight limits (unless you are flying to your first destination) and stuff your cases to the brim. The only problem with this is that there will be no room left for things your pick up along the way – so be sure to remember to leave a little room for them.
While all you may be packing is sandals, flip flops and beach shoes many of the family attractions onboard a ship (soft play, bungee trampolines etc) will require socks to be worn. So remembering to have a pair of these each in your luggage when packing for a family cruise will ensure you can take part in these activities.
We get loads of these from different events we go to, and I always save them as I think one day they will come in handy.  Finally I have found a use for them! Each member of your party will get a card for room entry, ID, food/drinks and purchases (kids cards are clipped so they can’t buy certain things) – these are easy to lose – so brining a lanyard with you to keep them in is always a good idea for the children and forgetful adults amongst us.

Cruise ship rooms are renown for not having many plug sockets. Staying in a family room you may need to get creative when it comes to using/charging all of your devices. Packing a Travel Adapter USA Multi Extension Lead will help you out with this, just check your cruise line allows one before packing.

Reusable Water Bottles

Taking water bottles with you on day trips (you can fill them up onboard before you go) can help save a few pounds and keep you hydrated when exploring the local area. We love these Brita Botella Fill&Go Water Filter bottles.

It can get chilly by the water at night, and you don’t want to be caught short and find yourself in need of buying jumpers for all the family onboard.
Waterproof Camera
The pools onboard, and the ports you visit, will give you loads of time for a family swim. Packing a waterproof camera (our favourite is the trusty GoPro HERO5 Action Camera) or a waterproof cover for your iPhone is a must to capture these fab memories!
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