Summer 2015 Bucket List

Summer 2015 Bucket List

We worked out this morning there were only 12 days of school left this year, how the summer holidays have arrive so quickly I’ll never know, it feels only yesterday we were buying new lunch boxes and retrieving ties from the back of the wardrobe. Yet here we are, on the cusp of six blissful long weeks of family fun with finish line is in sight, writing the Project: Wanderlust Summer 2015 Bucket List.

Our international travel plans are on hold for now thanks to our passports, along with our car, being stolen in France last weekend (more on that story soon) – but that doesn’t mean we don’t have grand ideas for the days and weeks ahead.  There is plenty to on our fair shores as well lets not forget.

This summer is all about trying something new; food, sports, locations, languages – you name it, we’ll give it a go!

Summer 2015 Bucket List

Summer 2015 Bucket List

See the fireworks at Camp Bestival

This will be our 3rd Camp Bestival, however up until now something has always happen resulting in us missing the spectacular fireworks finale. This year my main goal of the whole weekend is to be stood, drink in hand, listening to Underworld while the sky above me is exploding with colour.

Go Punting

Simple pleasures. Hot day, cool water and a champagne picnic. What’s not too love.

Learn French

After using my broken French to report our car theft to police last weekend the whole family have realised how important speaking other languages is in life. This summer we have picked French to learn (mainly as i’ve got a head start and can help them) – then each summer after that we will chose another.

Try Body-boarding/Surfing

Every summer we visit Corwall for a week. I’ve lost count of the amount of times we’ve said ‘must get a bodyboard this year’ – 2015 will be the year. May even go one step further and book some surf lessons. (any recommendations would be great)

Go on a long bike ride

Lottie can now ride a bike without stabilisers and we’ve got a trialer for Little O to sit in so taking inspiration from Katie and her lovely little family we are going to try our hand at bike trips this year.

Have a BBQ on the beach

This has been a dream for so long, I’m not really sure why I have never gotten around to it before. Something about being sat on the beach with the sun going down while a fire of BBQ crackles away really appeals to me (I *may* have got the idea from watching the OC in my younger days), would be such an amazing way to end the day.

Toast Marshmallows on a fire

I have done this hundreds of times, but I don’t think the girls ever have #ParentingFail, so this is the summer we make it right!

Save £500 for USA 2016

Next summer is the BIG one – 2 months driving across the USA as a family. We’ve set a target of making £500 over the 6 weeks holidays to go towards the trip. Looking forward to seeing what ideas the girls come up with for making/saving money.

So there we have it, eight goals for six weeks, I cannot wait for our time together to start.

Whats on your Summer 2015 Bucket List?



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  1. You have so many things on here that I want to do with the girls this Summer too. (PS Thanks for mentioning me!) Toasting marshmallows is one of my favourite things to do. I’m loving the new blog Alice, it’s so great. x

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