How to be a thrifty saver this festive season

It’s funny how the temperatures plummeting this week did nothing except fill me with excitement. It just adds to the scent of Christmas being in the air, and for us, this marks the most special of special times. Of course, if, or should I say when, such bitter weather sets in come January or February, the feeling is altogether different.

But for now, it’s time to bask in the glow of all things that come with the festive season. The Christmas lights, the buzz on the high street, presents, social activities and general cheer. But the thing that’s part and parcel of Christmas is the cost of it. Presents, meals, holidays, trees – it all adds up pretty quickly. That’s why I’ve taken the liberty of having a hunt around for some of the ways you can cunningly save a few quid, and find the best deals over the next few weeks…

Monday pizza night

There a number of good deals out there to entice families to restaurants, but one of those which stands above most is the £5 deal on pizzas at Strada on Mondays. That said, there are plenty of others to choose from, such as 40% off on mains at Bella Italia (except for Saturdays), while the ‘kids eat free’ deal at Crown Carveries is difficult to argue with.

Amazing Christmas discounts

One of the best things you can do when it comes to your Christmas shopping is to not leave it until the last minute, and to plan as far ahead as possible. That way, you can capitalise on various discounts on a whole range of items. One of the best, and also more convenient, ways of doing this is through Amazon, which has some breath-taking discounts on their already competitively priced goods. Just be sure to do some comparisons, because a high percentage discount doesn’t necessarily translate into the best price.

High-street happiness

Probably the sale which will jump out at most of us is the excellent deals H&M are doing, with many items (women’s, men’s and kids’) retailing at up to 70 per cent off over the festive season. Whether you do this online or in store, the discounts on these particular goods will all be clearly marked, and no voucher is required. Then again, Topshop are offering reduced prices which give H&M a run for their money. Things are abuzz on the high street at the moment, and that can only mean great savings for us consumers.

Credit card wins

Credit cards can be a bit of a double-edged sword. On one hand, they can charge rip-off rates of interest, and leave you with a bad January hangover after the Christmas splurge. But on the other hand, they can be a great way to build your credit rating, and, perhaps more importantly, give you excellent rewards. In fact, so competitive has this industry become, that some cards offer cashback of up to 5 per cent on everything you spend! Provided you can clear your balance at the end of each month, that’s just money for nothing.

Health and beauty

It’s also a time to pamper, and be pampered, and the good news is that there is money to be saved from all angles when it comes to health and beauty. Boots are doing some killer deals from Friday onwards – the pick of which appears to be the Ted Baker ‘Treasure Chest’ for what effectively amounts to half price. That said, there are a variety of deals both in store and online at Boots, provided you have the respective voucher code. No 7 are also doing hefty discounts on all sorts of beauty products such as eyeliner, mascara etc, while the Sanctuary Spa skincare set at £23 looks to be solid value.

A wee bit o’ savvy

There are plenty more where the above deals have come from. Despite all the doom and gloom about the economic situation in the UK, we as consumers mustn’t lose sight of the fact that these are all highly competitive markets, and we hold more cards than we think. So use it to your advantage: plan ahead, keep your eyes peeled, and pounce when you see good deals on items you would have purchased anyway. If you can do this, the reward will be all the fun and joy of a merry Christmas, without the January blues thereafter. There’s no downside.


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