5 Tips For Stress Free Holiday Planning

With the arrival of cold and wet weather comes dreams of sunnier climates and long hot days on the beach. But then comes the organising, the accommodation searching and deal checking, and we all start to lose the will to live! Whats needed are a few tips for stress free holiday planning to keep everything running smoothly.
No matter if you are planning business travel, like that covered by Statesman Travel, or just a plan old family holiday we are all in search of stress free holiday planning hints and tips.
After planning many, many trips – both solo and family, mini-break and longer term travel I’ve come up with a few fail safe stress free holiday planning tips to keep my sanity in tact when planning our next family vacation.

5 Tips For Stress Free Holiday Planning

Plan Ahead
At the top of my tips for stress free holiday planning is looking at where you are going and picking out a few things to do or, if you are a control freak like me, creating an itinerary. I always look at my travels with the view that this may be the only time I am in a certain place my whole life, I want to make the most if it.
Look at opening times, buggy access, toilet provision, places nearby to eat – then fit them into your days plans in the way best suited to your family.
Don’t Compromise For Price
We all love a bargain, but sometimes saving money when booking a holiday can actually lead to you spending more while you are there.  An All Inclusive resort may appear costly in the first instance, but buying drinks, ice creams and three meals a day for the family once away when self-catering can sometimes work out to be more expensive.
If you are booking a villa, think about journeys to and from town. Paying to hire a car in advance is another of my tips for stress free holiday planning. Using your own car instead of using public transport and taxis could mean an overall finical saving and also give you more independence to visit places off the beaten track.
Pack Light
It tempting to pack as much as your baggage allowance will fit when traveling as a family, but I actually think less is more. Holidays are a time to unplug and unwind, leave the clutter from your everyday life behind with this great list of what not to pack.
Ask Friends/Read Travel Blogs
Last on my list of tips for stress free holiday planning is to do your research. Nothing beats a real life review of a resort, city or hotel.  When we were planning our USA road trip travel blogs were my saviour. Google the place you are going followed by travel blog (e.g. Brighton Grand, travel blogger reviews) and get stuck in!
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