4 Things To Do Before Starting A Travel Blog

When I first sat down to write this it was planned to be more about what I love travel blogging so much. However, once I got started, I realised to get to this point of enjoying travel blogging as much as I do, has taken years of hard work and learning – so instead I decided to reflect on all the things to do before starting a travel blog to ensure you get the most from the process as possible.

4 Things To Do Before Starting A Travel Blog

Ask Yourself Why You Are Starting A Blog

One of the first things to do before starting a travel blog is work out your reasons for wanting to start blogging.

People decide to blog for many reasons – my main ones are to record our family adventures to look back on when the girls are older and to have ideas/itineraries to share with friends and colleagues when they ask for advice on visiting places they know we have already travelled to.

Knowing your reasons for blogging will ensure you secure the correct base and support for your needs. If you are starting a travel blog to connect with others while travelling for example, then you can join online travel blogger communities or take part in relevant Twitter hours or Instagram hashtags

Plan Your Online Identity

How much do you want to share about your life? Will you use your real names or aliases? Should your social media accounts be in your name or the name of the blog?

There are no right or wrong answers to this – however these are important questions to answer before starting.

For people to become subscribers, and to have returning traffic to your site and social channels it’s important to be easily identified. One great way to do this is to have a individually designed logo for your blog – something people will know is linked to you. If having one professionally designed isn’t within your budget – then sites such as Logo Joy are a great way of making your own. All you need to is enter your blog name, choose a selection of logos and colours you like and then decide on a icon related to your blog to be included. It really is that simple.

Organise A Time When You Will Be Able To Blog

Blogging can be a fantastic outlet for your creativity, and a wonderfully therapeutic way to deal with life’s issues, however, without proper planning; it can also be a huge burden on your time.

Blogging is a commitment; so planning when it can be slotted into your life without becoming a drain is something important to do before starting a travel blog.

Understand How The Way You Travel May Change

Finally, the last thing to do before starting a travel blog is understand that the way you travel may change once you start blogging. You may spend longer getting that perfect shot, or become a little more obsessed with finding hotels with free Wi-Fi…

…However you will now have your memories recorded forever and be able to share the joy of travelling with the world. So it’s a compromise worth making if you ask me!

Things to do before starting a travel blog is a partnered post. All views are my own.


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