Top Tips For Holidaying With Friends

Here at Project: Wanderlust we are big fans of group holidays. For some they may seem stressful, however thanks to these Top Tips For Holidaying With Friends you can relax and enjoy your shared holiday without the worry of of pulling your hair out and needing a hair transplant when you get back!

Top Tips For Holidaying With Friends

Group holidays are fantastic when you have a young family. The small people have extra playmates during the day and the grown-ups have more drinking buddies come the evening! It’s a win/win situation.

Choose accommodation that suits your group

Finding the right accommodation for the group will always get you off to the best start. For us the huge open plan living area is a must so we can all chill out together. A big table that fits us all at meal times is also a non-negotiable. For warmer climates campsites such as Eurocamp work fanatically for group holidays as well.

Top Tips For Holidaying With Friends

Plan ahead for food and drink

When travelling as a group this is one of the areas that I have found can cause the most tension.  My main advice would be; whatever you decide to do, make the decision before you go.

Deciding this in advance stops any niggles arising, plus having a pre-agreed understanding on how the money side of things will work stops any arguments over who owes the last £5 when the bill arrives.

Have a flexible itinerary 

Having a rough idea of what everyone wants to do is great as it means that you don’t end up doing nothing. I am always Little Miss Organised when I go on holiday, but I don’t want to come across as bossy when away with friends, so arranging a rough plan over drinks in advance always works well for me.

Stick to your parenting guns

If your children have a bedtime you want to stick to, don’t feel ashamed of that.  Want them to eat their greens when the other children are allowed to get down in the restaurant and run around? That’s totally fine.  In fact, consistent parenting when on holiday could actually help them settle better into their new surroundings.

Top Tips For Holidaying With Friends

Enjoy every moment

The last of my top tips for holidaying with friends is; Enjoy It!! It is always over far too quickly. Going away with a group, especially a group of like minded people you love and cherish, is really good for the soul. It strengthens bonds, gives you new experiences, can take you outside of your comfort zone and help create memories that last a lifetime!

Top Tips For Holidaying With Friends

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