Top Tips For Visiting The Science Museum

The Science Museum London – Exhibition Top Picks

Of all the things there are to do in London, visiting The Science Museum has to be one of our very favourites. Not only is it free (there is a suggested donation for entry), but it’s one of the most hands on, educational places you will find on planet Earth.

It’s hard to ‘do’ all of the Science Museum in one day, in fact one of my top tops for visiting the Science Museum is to look at the map online before your visit and pick three/four areas to concentrate on each time to help fully appreciate the wealth of knowledge and artefacts each exhibition has.

Top Tips For Visiting The Science MuseumThe Science Museum London – Exhibition Top Picks

Pick Manageable Areas: It’s hard to ‘do’ all of the Science Museum in one day. The Museum covers a very large site and is packed full of amazing, life-changing information; adults and children alike would be overwhelmed trying to see it all in one day. Take a look online at the Science Museum map before your visit and choose the areas you would like to concentrate on for your visit.

Take Snacks: Drinks and food are allowed to be taken in to the Science Museum if you wish, great for keeping your strength up! There are also great cafes dotted around.

Get There Early Or Late: The middle of the day is very busy at the Science Museum, especially during school holidays. Check opening times in advance to avoid peak periods.

Picnic in Hyde Park: While there are lovely places to eat within the walls of the Science Museum you are only five minutes walk from one of the most famous green spaces in the country. If the weather allows, a picnic in Hyde Park is my favourite way eat as a family.

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  1. I’ve never made it to the Science Museum in London. I took my daughter to the UK this past March and she chose the Natural History Museum. It was marvellous, too. Next time we go ( 2018!) we’ll check out your recommendations. Thanks!!

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