4 Reasons To Visit The Needles As A Family This Summer

On our recent to trip to the Isle of Wight we found ourselves lucky enough to visit The Needles as a family, somewhere I had longed to visit since I was a child.

This desire dates back to when children at school would return from their holidays with magical glass jars full of multi-coloured sands. The Needles held an almost mythical quality to me ever since.

The Isle of Wight may be just 4 miles off the cost of Hampshire, yet, as soon as you step off of your Red Funnel Ferry, you are instantly transported back to a simpler time. It’s the kind of place that once you have visited, you will find yourself longing to return time and time again.

The Needles are huge stacks of rock, which lie off the western point of the Island. Originally they made up part of the cliffs but, over time, coastal erosion has separated them from the headland, leaving the views we know and love today.

4 Reasons To Visit The Needles As A Family

Isle of wight


After parking in The Needles car park (£5 for the day – free for National Trust members) the best way down to the Alum Bay beach is via the chairlift.

The views on the way down of the picturesque Needles Rocks and Lighthouse are spectacular, and on the way up it can really save your legs! A true highlight of our visit.

Boat Rides

After spending some time on the beach, it’s time to hop on-board with Needles Pleasure Cruises and take a trip out on the water to get a better look at the rocks, lighthouse and panoramic views of the Alum Bay sand cliffs.

We took the 20 min slow cruise (these is also a 15 minute powerboat trip to try) and was welcome aboard by the friendly crew before setting off towards the lighthouse, learning all about the history and geography of the area along the way.


Stunning views are up for the taking on a visit to The Needles with the family. If you are feeling energetic then a walk to The Old Battery is a great way to see the coastline from above – or for something a little more sedate head to the The Needles viewing platform and take in the the iconic Rocks and Trinity Lighthouse.


In keeping with the general theme of the island, The Needles attractions are a gentle nod to seaside towns of the past – think Carousels and hook a duck – plus are very reasonable priced.

Don’t forget to get your supersaver tickets on arrival for a 25% saving on all the great rides and attractions. A book of 12 supersaver tickets costs £9, and most attractions are between 2 and 4 tickets.

I hope you enjoy your visit The Needles as a family as much as we did; it is truly a fantastic day out on the Island!


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  1. I’ve not even heard of this place before so thanks for putting it on our radar – the chairlift looks fantastic and I’d love to try it. The views look superb.

    My kids can’t walk past hook a duck without begging for a go so it’s nice to hear that prices are reasonable x

  2. I haven’t heard of the Needles but it looks like a great place to visit! How high is that chairlift? I would love it but my four year old can be a little funny about heights.

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