Visiting Bethune

Sometimes during a family trip there is one moment that your treasure above all others.  While I found the Battle of Boars Head Memorial Service moving and emotional, it was the evening we spent visiting Béthune straight after that I will hold dear.

visiting bethune belfry
Bethune Belfry

Béthune isn’t really anything special, just your typical Northern French town, but we had the most wonderful family evening sitting in the sunshine, playing in the fountains and drinking Margaritas.

visiting bethune

visiting bethune town hall
Bethune Town Hall
Visiting Bethune

The town itself centres around a cobbled square (Grande Place) complete with Town Hall (built in 1920 after over 80% of the main square was destroyed in 1918), Belfry (that chimes every 15 minutes – something to remember is booking accommodation overlooking the old square) and a plethora of bars and resultants perfectly set up for alfresco dining.

After a ride of the merry-go-round and a quick play in the fountains we found a bar and sat down for drinks and ice cream at La Halle (1, Grand Place62400 BéthuneFrance) and spend an hour chatting about the day while watching the world go by.

Travelling with us on this trip were my Mother and my Aunt. We don’t often get time all together, normally our visits are with just one or the other, so having this time to laugh, talk and reminisce was fantastic! I really believe family time like this is so important.

After the drinks and ice creams were finished we headed back to our hotel and had a picnic of bread, wine and cheese on the grass outside before heading into the bar for a night cap.

It was a very simple evening, but it was perfect for us. Bethune looked after us well, we cannot wait to return.




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