What Makes A Good Holiday

Most of us only get a set amount of annual leave a year – so the idea of what makes a good holiday is something we hold dear.

We may all look for something slightly different when it comes to our time away, for some it may be 5-star relaxation while others prefer a hostel city break, each of us are untied in our desire for the time to be well spent and memorable.

Barcelo Hotels & Resorts recently surveyed 1000 people about the holiday booking habits, looking at what made them choose one destination over another, or decide on a private villa over an all-inclusive hotel? Also in the age of the Internet, what makes someone use a travel agent instead of booking online?

What Makes A Good Holiday

With so many ideas going round in my head I decided to ask some fellow bloggers the ultimate question – ‘What makes a good holiday’

Helen from Actually Mummy responded

For me it’s security. I love somewhere that feels safe enough for me to let the kids have some freedom, go off and make new friends. So really good lifeguards, a secure perimeter, or well managed kids facilities. Then I can switch off completely and know that they’re happy and safe.

And for Daisy from Dais Like These it’s was all about her surroundings

We always seek out water! Be it a beach, a river, a lake or a pool, everyone, young and old, seems happier when we have access to somewhere to swim, splash and play. 

I guess for most people it all starts with research. The recent study showed that woman are more likely than men to use review sites and social media to research their holiday, and that 25-35 year olds do the most online research. This was pretty much the same information I got from the bloggers as well – after all, we are at the forefront of online research.

Samantha from award winning travel blog North East Family Fun told me

I plan our holidays around food. There must be decent restaurants and/or food markets for us otherwise we’ll pick somewhere else

When choosing what makes a good holiday the weather and overall cost of the trip were the two most important factors according to the research – however again it was woman that did the shopping around to make sure the holiday best suits their needs.

 Finding a place where every family member has something that really appeals to them. Whether it’s relaxing by a pool or beach, exploring new places , fun activities or fabulous food. We always try to make sure that everyone gets to experience their favourite activity at least once. Carrie Bradley from www.flyingwithababy.com

For me its all about adventure – I don’t like staying in one place for two long. So if I was to be asked the question what makes a good holiday then I would most certainly say a Road Trip!


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